Sweet Potato Chips

Beth's Sweet Potato Chips

When I got my food dehydrator, I thought I had the secret to making those perfectly crunchy sweet potato chips I keep seeing on Pinterest.  Actually I already had what I needed to make that snack possible.  The dehydrator is … Continue reading

On the first day of the nerdiest Christmas ever

My friend and I exchanged our gifts last night.  It was officially the nerdiest Christmas in history.  We bought each other things we really wanted.  She got a Water Pik, and I got a food dehydrator.

Even though this exchange occurred late in the evening, I couldn’t leave on my trip to Anderson without trying out my food dehydrator.  When I started reading the instructions, I realized there is a lot more to food dehydration than slicing and turning the switch.  I knew I had apples and carrots in my refrigerator and bananas on my counter that will spoil soon, so I started slicing.

The dehydrator has four trays which sounds like a lot, but once you start slicing food it’s not as much as you think.  I filled them up quickly.

IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0016

I filled the bottom three trays with the apples and bananas.  I’m excited about having them for the road today.  The apples and bananas have a little cinnamon on them, too!  Carrots are on the top tray.

IMG_0013 carrots

I turned on the dehydrator about an hour before I went to bed.  I think it was on about nine hours.  They all turned out pretty well.  The apples and bananas turned out exactly like I imagined.  The carrots, however, dried up a little too much.  I think I will take them out a little earlier next time.  I have had carrot chips at the Fresh Market and absolutely loved them.  I just can’t figure out how they make them.  These don’t taste quite like those, but they are still good–just tiny!

IMG_0009 IMG_0008 IMG_0007

Now I just need to find some more great things to do with my new dehydrator!  In addition to the dehydrator, nerdy Christmas also brought me this:


This little tuft of grass can be found on the baby bottle aisle at target, but I have a lot of ideas for this little guy.  See, nerdy Christmas.

I will be heading home soon.  I’m excited to be with my family and also sad to leave my tree.  When I see it again, it won’t be Christmas anymore; therefore, it won’t have the same sparkle.  Goodbye little tree.