Desktop Monogram

There are a hundred ways to make this happen, but my way is easy.  I have no fancy equipment or software.



Create a Monogram for Your Desktop:

  • Search for desktop images, and find one you like.
  • Save the image to your computer.
  • Open the image in either PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • Expand the image over the entire slide.
  • Download a free monogram font.  I used this one from a random website.
  • Install the font.  When it is installed, it should appear in your font list in all your programs.
  • Create three text boxes.  The last initial in the middle is 300 point font.  The side initials are in 200 point.
  • Center and align the letters.
  • Export the presentation as a PDF file.  Save the file in a folder that appears as an option to select a background image in your computer’s settings.
  • Open your computer’s settings, and choose the background you created as you would any other picture.

I think these instructions are specific enough.  If you have questions, PLEASE leave  a comment so I can help you and fix my instructions.


Coens, Christmas, Coffee, Morph Suits, and a Food Scale

Today is Christmas, and I’m pretty sure my family handles this day just like everyone else; however, I doubt your parents donned morph suits this morning.  Mine did.

Morph Suits

morph suits

Either I’m still a kid, or this cold I have kept me up all night.  Part of me thinks I still have that can’t-wait-until-Christmas-morning thing.  Now, I get really excited about giving my family the gifts I picked.  Whatever it was, I slept very little last night.  I was the first one up at 5:30 a.m., so my coffee drinking started very early.  Like my students, my brother is also familiar with my affinity for coffee.  He got me a box of k-cups and a mug I picked out at Starbucks.

christmas presentDunkin' Donuts K-cups

Everyone seemed to enjoy the morning.  My dad opened a GPS antenna for his boat.  My brother and I bought my mom a food processor, and my brother got some headphones and other goodies.

parents at christmasbrother at christmasparents at christmas

Here are my favorites that I will be taking back to Myrtle Beach!  I’ve been wanting one of these monogrammed cut-outs for my front door for a while.

monogrammed door hanging

I actually have a few necklaces like this, too.  JW Gifts makes many different cut-out designs in all sizes.  Best of all, the pieces are affordable.  Visit the Etsy store here!

My brother picked out this great bag from the Thirty-one collection.  He did such great job–even had it monogrammed!

thirty-one teacher bag

Since I’ve let my guard down a little on the healthy eating front these last few weeks, this will be most helpful.  My mom found the Biggest Loser food scale at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I’m looking forward to making sure my four ounces of meat is, in fact, only four ounces!

biggest loser food scale

All the food is eaten and the presents are opened.  I’m looking forward to a Christmas run and a Christmas nap!  In the meantime, we will all sit by the fire and be thankful–and be full of eggs and cheese.