Season’s Greetings

Greetings to those who seek health through the eating of good food and the doing of hard exercise.  I send you tidings after a workout at Gold’s Gym these two days before Christmas.

I’m bad.  Today, is not only Selfie Sunday, but also visit-to-my-home-church Sunday.  It’s always interesting to go there not only because of all the familiar faces but also because of the great happenings.  Today’s sermon featured a piece about the importance of salutations which is why there is such a heartfelt one at the beginning of this post.  As I waited for church to begin, I created a little ditty which will be familiar to all the 2 Chainz fans out there.

The last 48 hours have been a hodgepodge of Anderson/Kay family goodness.  I, of course, unpacked first.


On Saturday, there was shopping and lunch with mom at Panera.  I highly recommend the black bean soup.  At only 170 calories for a small bowl, it’s a satisfying and tasty lunch!  It’s even better accompanied by the four cups of hazelnut coffee that I drank.

20131222-111722.jpg 20131222-111708.jpg

Which reminds me…

Two things became painfully (and gloriously) obvious the last two days of school:

  1. My friends and students know me well (made evident by the copious amounts of coffee gifted to me).
  2.  I have a coffee problem (made evident by the copious amounts of coffee gifted to me).

I am so appreciative of all the wonderful gifts I received at school.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

…Saturday night featured a new family tradition–the Christmas shrimp boil.  I think we are all kind of tired of traditional holiday food.  My uncle does a great job making the meal.  The food was fantastic.  Most importantly, my mom cut the sausage!


My family know me just as well as my students and co-workers, apparently.  Let’s just say neither Starbucks nor Dunkin’ Donuts will be missing me this January.  I also received this jewelry case.  Oprah featured the product , and it really is as cool as Oprah says.  This little case has about fifteen individually zipping compartments inside so all my necklaces don’t get twisted together.  You can order one for yourself here!


And of course Saturday leads to Sunday.  Sunday can best be explained in a list of things everyone should do this holiday season:

  1. Take a church selfie.20131222-111621.jpg
  2. Make a list of things to post about on an envelope in the pew.20131222-143552.jpg
  3. Take a picture of your mom in a church robe.20131222-143603.jpg
  4. Buy a gingerbread house kit.20131222-141923.jpg
  5. Put your gingerbread house together your own way.20131222-141929.jpg20131222-141941.jpg
  6. Play Awkward Family Photos with your family.20131222-221259.jpg
  7. Fall asleep.20131222-221054.jpg