Christmas Night and The Fursdy after Christmas

Christmas Night

Recovering from cold that kept me under the weather throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (I mean, I took a two hour nap!), I finally slept enough last night to make me feel like a normal person today. Despite the sickness, I enjoyed all the time with my family yesterday.  Last night, we went to see the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, Wolf on Wall Street.  It was interesting.  Definitely not a “family film,” but definitely an interesting story.


I’m feeling a little hypocritical writing a blog about eating healthy and fruits and vegetables and what not.  While I have tried to limit the Christmas sweets, the more hearty (a.k.a greasy) foods have been around a lot.  There was that breakfast casserole and then…there was popcorn.

movie popcorn

In my normal life, I would have completely avoided the concessions counter.  But it was CHRISTMAS! And I was hungry.  And my brother was paying.  I would have been a fool to say no.  Instead, I just told myself that I would only eat a little.  Yeah, ok.

The Fursdy After Christmas

Typically the day after Christmas is kind of a downer for me, but today was quite nice.  I spent the morning with some coffee and a sort-of peanut butter banana piece of wheat toast.  Basically, I followed the recipe for the waffle, but I used a piece of whole wheat toast.  It was a nice change.

On Christmas Eve, I purchased the Naked 3 palette from Ulta Beauty.  Unfortunately, one of the colors was detached from the case.  I returned it this morning with no problems at all.  Way to go, Ulta!

Naked 3

I’ve decided that Urban Decay products are the best out there.  While a little pricey, they stay put all day.  From the liquid Naked foundation to the eye shadow, it’s good all day.  I highly recommend.

Greenville, South Carolina Fun Time

After a great workout, my mom, brother, and I drove a few miles north of Anderson to Greenville which has a trendy little downtown area.  I was on the hunt for some after Christmas sales at my favorite places, but I was unsuccessful.  As a matter of fact, the Greenville Lululemon store remained true to its reputation.  It was impossible to find.  I’ve had this trouble recently, and I’ve decided it’s intentional.  Is it possible that Lulu is so proud of itself that it doesn’t want people to find it unless they know what they are looking for?  Does that even make sense?  Would you have spotted this little store tucked away on a street back from the main street?

Greenville Lululemon

In addition, the address was for 710 Main Street.  This is NOT main street.  It’s a block back.  Geez.  Both Anthropologie and Lululemon had nothing I couldn’t live without.  I’ll save my money for when they do.

After a nice dinner, my brother insisted on Marble Slab.  My metabolism isn’t cool enough for all that.  Unfair.

Marble Slab Creamery

Still, I was pretty satisfied with my Blueberry Frog Yogurt.  Please click the link.  Part of the reason I like it so much was the sarcastic humor scattered throughout the establishment.  The yogurt was good too.

Our evening ended at the mall..which is where I will leave this post.  We had to park at the back of the parking lot because there were so many people there, but this sign greeted me as I stepped out.  It should have made me happy during this hearty eating season…