The KitchenAid Food Processor

Favorite Thing #1:

The KitchenAid Food Processor

20131227-182819.jpgI am geeky enough to admit that my Kitchenaid Food Processor is one of my favorite things.  I decided last summer that I needed one, and I had ridiculous ideas about buying the 13-cup Cuisinart chopping sensation.  All the foodies at Williams-Sonoma insisted that was the one I needed.  I mentally budgeted for the thing…well only sort of because I was also saving for Frye boots (and I wanted them more).

While shopping around an outlet center, I managed to snag a refurbished 7-cup Kitchenaid model for only $59!  My thinking was that even if it only lasted a year, I could see if I really would use it, then I could buy the Mac Daddy if I used it a lot.

I use it ALL the time.  ALL the time.  And I have no plans to buy the big one.  Usually, I’m cooking for just me or one other person, so if I make much more than what I already do, I have to throw it away.  Also, who wants to clean that gargantuan thing?

I make everything from cookies to chopped carrots with it.  It works right alongside my new food dehydrator, too!  There are plenty of recipes to come that rely on the wondrous food processor.  Instead of listing the hundreds of things you can do with it, here are a few tips on how you can get one of your own for less than the list price of $99!

Get a deal on your food processor:

  • At Bed Bath & Beyond, use one of the 20% off coupons they basically throw at customers.  That brings it down to $80!
  • The Kitchen Collection store at Tanger Outlets has a varied selection of refurbished Kitchenaid products.  It’s hit or miss, but if you can find one, you will save at least $30!  This is where I got mine, and the lady told me that she prefers refurbished products because they have been closely inspected–even more than the new ones!
  • Target occasionally puts these in the weekly ad at 20% off.  I bought my mom’s this way.  In addition, if you have a Target Red Card, you save an additional 5%.  If you are a walking medicine cabinet like me, you can also use a pharmacy reward card to save an ADDITIONAL 5%.  Great deal.

I have some other ideas, but these are sure things!  If you are interested and want some more ideas, let me know!  If you take any cooking advice I offer on here, let it be this one.  Buy a food processor.  Now.  You won’t regret it.  And visit Andy Shardo’s often for yummy things to make with it!

Kitchenaid Food ProcessorKitchenaid Food ProcessorKitchenaid Food ProcessorKitchenaid Food Processor

Christmas Night and The Fursdy after Christmas

Christmas Night

Recovering from cold that kept me under the weather throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (I mean, I took a two hour nap!), I finally slept enough last night to make me feel like a normal person today. Despite the sickness, I enjoyed all the time with my family yesterday.  Last night, we went to see the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, Wolf on Wall Street.  It was interesting.  Definitely not a “family film,” but definitely an interesting story.


I’m feeling a little hypocritical writing a blog about eating healthy and fruits and vegetables and what not.  While I have tried to limit the Christmas sweets, the more hearty (a.k.a greasy) foods have been around a lot.  There was that breakfast casserole and then…there was popcorn.

movie popcorn

In my normal life, I would have completely avoided the concessions counter.  But it was CHRISTMAS! And I was hungry.  And my brother was paying.  I would have been a fool to say no.  Instead, I just told myself that I would only eat a little.  Yeah, ok.

The Fursdy After Christmas

Typically the day after Christmas is kind of a downer for me, but today was quite nice.  I spent the morning with some coffee and a sort-of peanut butter banana piece of wheat toast.  Basically, I followed the recipe for the waffle, but I used a piece of whole wheat toast.  It was a nice change.

On Christmas Eve, I purchased the Naked 3 palette from Ulta Beauty.  Unfortunately, one of the colors was detached from the case.  I returned it this morning with no problems at all.  Way to go, Ulta!

Naked 3

I’ve decided that Urban Decay products are the best out there.  While a little pricey, they stay put all day.  From the liquid Naked foundation to the eye shadow, it’s good all day.  I highly recommend.

Greenville, South Carolina Fun Time

After a great workout, my mom, brother, and I drove a few miles north of Anderson to Greenville which has a trendy little downtown area.  I was on the hunt for some after Christmas sales at my favorite places, but I was unsuccessful.  As a matter of fact, the Greenville Lululemon store remained true to its reputation.  It was impossible to find.  I’ve had this trouble recently, and I’ve decided it’s intentional.  Is it possible that Lulu is so proud of itself that it doesn’t want people to find it unless they know what they are looking for?  Does that even make sense?  Would you have spotted this little store tucked away on a street back from the main street?

Greenville Lululemon

In addition, the address was for 710 Main Street.  This is NOT main street.  It’s a block back.  Geez.  Both Anthropologie and Lululemon had nothing I couldn’t live without.  I’ll save my money for when they do.

After a nice dinner, my brother insisted on Marble Slab.  My metabolism isn’t cool enough for all that.  Unfair.

Marble Slab Creamery

Still, I was pretty satisfied with my Blueberry Frog Yogurt.  Please click the link.  Part of the reason I like it so much was the sarcastic humor scattered throughout the establishment.  The yogurt was good too.

Our evening ended at the mall..which is where I will leave this post.  We had to park at the back of the parking lot because there were so many people there, but this sign greeted me as I stepped out.  It should have made me happy during this hearty eating season…


Coens, Christmas, Coffee, Morph Suits, and a Food Scale

Today is Christmas, and I’m pretty sure my family handles this day just like everyone else; however, I doubt your parents donned morph suits this morning.  Mine did.

Morph Suits

morph suits

Either I’m still a kid, or this cold I have kept me up all night.  Part of me thinks I still have that can’t-wait-until-Christmas-morning thing.  Now, I get really excited about giving my family the gifts I picked.  Whatever it was, I slept very little last night.  I was the first one up at 5:30 a.m., so my coffee drinking started very early.  Like my students, my brother is also familiar with my affinity for coffee.  He got me a box of k-cups and a mug I picked out at Starbucks.

christmas presentDunkin' Donuts K-cups

Everyone seemed to enjoy the morning.  My dad opened a GPS antenna for his boat.  My brother and I bought my mom a food processor, and my brother got some headphones and other goodies.

parents at christmasbrother at christmasparents at christmas

Here are my favorites that I will be taking back to Myrtle Beach!  I’ve been wanting one of these monogrammed cut-outs for my front door for a while.

monogrammed door hanging

I actually have a few necklaces like this, too.  JW Gifts makes many different cut-out designs in all sizes.  Best of all, the pieces are affordable.  Visit the Etsy store here!

My brother picked out this great bag from the Thirty-one collection.  He did such great job–even had it monogrammed!

thirty-one teacher bag

Since I’ve let my guard down a little on the healthy eating front these last few weeks, this will be most helpful.  My mom found the Biggest Loser food scale at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I’m looking forward to making sure my four ounces of meat is, in fact, only four ounces!

biggest loser food scale

All the food is eaten and the presents are opened.  I’m looking forward to a Christmas run and a Christmas nap!  In the meantime, we will all sit by the fire and be thankful–and be full of eggs and cheese.


Season’s Greetings

Greetings to those who seek health through the eating of good food and the doing of hard exercise.  I send you tidings after a workout at Gold’s Gym these two days before Christmas.

I’m bad.  Today, is not only Selfie Sunday, but also visit-to-my-home-church Sunday.  It’s always interesting to go there not only because of all the familiar faces but also because of the great happenings.  Today’s sermon featured a piece about the importance of salutations which is why there is such a heartfelt one at the beginning of this post.  As I waited for church to begin, I created a little ditty which will be familiar to all the 2 Chainz fans out there.

The last 48 hours have been a hodgepodge of Anderson/Kay family goodness.  I, of course, unpacked first.


On Saturday, there was shopping and lunch with mom at Panera.  I highly recommend the black bean soup.  At only 170 calories for a small bowl, it’s a satisfying and tasty lunch!  It’s even better accompanied by the four cups of hazelnut coffee that I drank.

20131222-111722.jpg 20131222-111708.jpg

Which reminds me…

Two things became painfully (and gloriously) obvious the last two days of school:

  1. My friends and students know me well (made evident by the copious amounts of coffee gifted to me).
  2.  I have a coffee problem (made evident by the copious amounts of coffee gifted to me).

I am so appreciative of all the wonderful gifts I received at school.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

…Saturday night featured a new family tradition–the Christmas shrimp boil.  I think we are all kind of tired of traditional holiday food.  My uncle does a great job making the meal.  The food was fantastic.  Most importantly, my mom cut the sausage!


My family know me just as well as my students and co-workers, apparently.  Let’s just say neither Starbucks nor Dunkin’ Donuts will be missing me this January.  I also received this jewelry case.  Oprah featured the product , and it really is as cool as Oprah says.  This little case has about fifteen individually zipping compartments inside so all my necklaces don’t get twisted together.  You can order one for yourself here!


And of course Saturday leads to Sunday.  Sunday can best be explained in a list of things everyone should do this holiday season:

  1. Take a church selfie.20131222-111621.jpg
  2. Make a list of things to post about on an envelope in the pew.20131222-143552.jpg
  3. Take a picture of your mom in a church robe.20131222-143603.jpg
  4. Buy a gingerbread house kit.20131222-141923.jpg
  5. Put your gingerbread house together your own way.20131222-141929.jpg20131222-141941.jpg
  6. Play Awkward Family Photos with your family.20131222-221259.jpg
  7. Fall asleep.20131222-221054.jpg