Desktop Monogram

There are a hundred ways to make this happen, but my way is easy.  I have no fancy equipment or software.



Create a Monogram for Your Desktop:

  • Search for desktop images, and find one you like.
  • Save the image to your computer.
  • Open the image in either PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • Expand the image over the entire slide.
  • Download a free monogram font.  I used this one from a random website.
  • Install the font.  When it is installed, it should appear in your font list in all your programs.
  • Create three text boxes.  The last initial in the middle is 300 point font.  The side initials are in 200 point.
  • Center and align the letters.
  • Export the presentation as a PDF file.  Save the file in a folder that appears as an option to select a background image in your computer’s settings.
  • Open your computer’s settings, and choose the background you created as you would any other picture.

I think these instructions are specific enough.  If you have questions, PLEASE leave  a comment so I can help you and fix my instructions.


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