Selfie Sunday v6.0

Welcome to…

Selfie Sunday

Last week’s winner…

iPhone Selfie

iPhone Selfie

Your prize will be on its way on Monday!

Now, Selfie Sunday is getting serious.  There are legit prizes coming to the winners of Selfie Sunday.  It’s time to start spreading the word so that you can get in on the giveaways!  Tell all your people to vote for your selfie!  If you’re reading and thinking “Can I get in on the selfie action too?”…the answer is yes!  Just send  an email to with your selfie attached.  All selfies must be self-taken.

Here are the contestants for this week:

Me and My Dog Selfie

Me and My Dog Selfie

Koolaid Hair Selfie

Koolaid Hair Selfie


Mirror Selfie


Bicycle Muddin’ Selfie


Snowball Selfie

Headphone Selfie

Headphone selfie

Surf's Up Selfie

Surf’s Up Selfie


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