Deer Park Sparkling Water

Last summer, I stopped drinking soda cold turkey–mostly because Jillian Michaels made me feel like a fool for even thinking about drinking it in the first place.  I just decided I didn’t like the idea of all those chemicals in my body.  I don’t miss it.

One of the best substitutes for soda that I can find is Deer Park’s Sparkling Water.  There are a lot of sparkling water brands available, but I like this one for several reasons:

  • I can get it half price at Target nearly every time I shop.
  • The flavors aren’t too frou-frou
  • I like buying the bottles instead of the cans.

No, it doesn’t have that overly sweet taste of diet soda, but once your get the artificial sweetener out of your system, natural flavors start to taste sweeter.  Try it.  I can’t hurt.

Sparkling water

Oh, and eat an apple.  They’re my fav.


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