Selfie Sunday v5.0

Selfie Sunday

A big thank you to my bro for making the new Selfie Sunday Logo!  Now it’s official.

Welcome to Selfie Sunday v5.0.  I’m so excited for all the new faces over the last few weeks.  Now, start sending a link to your friends!  It’s been said that selfie was 2013’s most annoying word.  Maybe it was, but selfies are still fun to look at.  Here’s this week’s selection:


Stained-glass Selfie


Science Selfie


iPhone Selfie


Yes-I-burned-my-head-on-the-oven Selfie


Choir Robe Selfie


Mexico Selfie

Jeep Selfie

Jeep Selfie

Angry Jiffy Lube Selfie

Angry Jiffy Lube Selfie

Burrito Selfie

Burrito Selfie

As you will remember, Selfie Sunday v3.0 had a tie.  The tie has been broken, and the winner is…

Skinny Cow Selfie

Skinny Cow Selfie

Last week’s contest was close, but the winner is…

Cloud Selfie

Cloud Selfie

Both winners can look for their prize in the mail!

I’m looking for Selfie Sunday Prizes.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in donating Selfie Sunday prizes, but send me a comment!  Now vote!


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