Processing, Chopping, and Grating

There are so many things you can do with a food processor, but the amazing thing is how fast you can do them.  On the weekends, I get as much done for the week coming up as I can.  I stock my refrigerator with things I can just throw in my lunch bag for the next day.  Here are some things you can do in less than ten minutes that will make your week easier:


Chop onions for salads, omelets, and casseroles.


Grate cheese for omelets, casseroles, grilled cheese, mini pizzas, etc.


Make your own hummus for salads and healthy snacks like carrots and celery.  (I will post a recipe shortly!)

I simply rinsed and wiped out the processing bowl, lid, and blade between each item.  You might want to use a little soap after the onions as they can leave a residue.

Sometimes I get on a roll with the processor and make too much.  Pick two or three things that you know you will eat during the week.  It’s very sad to throw out your own tasty creations.

I know it’s easier to just throw some chips in a bag and call it a day, but these things will keep you feeling so much better.  Take the ten minutes and do yourself a favor!


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