I am the 90% (on New Years Eve)

I’m  one of the 90% of Americans who claim they are staying in for New Years.  I think that says more about the people who actually respond to those polls than what people actually do on New Years.  They way I see it, I’m going to get a good night’s sleep tonight, and I’m definitely not going to be disappointed!

I’m also going home tomorrow.

Which I think is what I said when I headed this direction a week and a half ago.  I guess my home is both places.

Since it was my last day in Anderson (and I busted my tail at the gym today), I ordered something at Panera that I’ve been hankering for lately–the grilled cheese.  My mom, brother, and I enjoyed a nice lunch together.

Lunch at Panera

Of course, I thought about ways that I could make a slightly healthier version myself.  It will happen soon.

I finished off my stay in Anderson with a bike ride with my mom and dinner with the family.  I’ve had a wonderfully restful break here.  My other home hosts both new and old exciting things to tackle in 2014.

Happy New Year!


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