Selfie Sunday v3.0

Oh, it’s Selfie Sunday again!  Today’s selfies follow a myriad of travelers along holiday journeys.  I am in the process of developing a prize system for the winner of each week’s Selfie Sunday, so now there this an incentive to send your best.  Vote for the best selfie…


Skinny Cow Selfie


Interstate Driving Selfie


Hair Curling Selfie


Headed to the Ribs Selfie


Under Armor Selfie


Game Face Selfie


Hey Y’all Selfie


Censored Selfie


Photo Bomb Selfie

And the winner of last week’s Selfie Sunday

Diet Coke Selfie

Diet Coke Selfie

Congratulations to Caryne for this skewed perspective selfie which earned her the title of best selfie v2.0!  Look out for your prize!

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