Selfie Sunday v2.0

Thank you to everyone who sent a selfie! Find some new recruits for next week! Today’s selfies are full of Christmas joy. Vote for today’s best selfie…


Helmet Selfie


Pony Selfie


David Lee Roth Selfie


Fudge Selfie


Safety Selfie

Church Selfie

Church Selfie


Holiday Cheer Selfie

Santa Hat Selfie

Santa Hat Selfie

Diet Coke Selfie

Diet Coke Selfie

Close-up Selfie

Close-up Selfie

The winner of last week’s selfie Sunday was…


Sock/sleeve Selfie

 Congrats to the taker of this selfie.  It’s unique angle and focus made it the winner of Selfie Sunday v1.0!


2 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday v2.0

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