yeah, I had a bowl of cereal for dinner

I had a really long and not-so-wonderful day.  The original plan ended with me at the gym for thirty minutes.  That didn’t happen.

Instead, it ended with me at my computer with a bowl of cereal.

Kashi Go lean

It’s not just any cereal.  It’s Kashi Golean with bananas.  The secret to a good, hearty bowl of cereal is the fully involved bananas.  They have to be layered into the cereal just like cheese on nachos.  And they have to be floating in almond milk.

This dinner serves several purposes:

  • It offsets the crap I ate at a staff meeting this afternoon.
  • I don’t have to clean anything up.
  • I love bananas.

I’m glad this day is done, but I did learn a few things today. First, I don’t have to react to everything I see and hear.  Second, not everyone is thinking the same thing I am.  Third, frustration is exhausting, so I must be selective with my frustrations.  Finally, cereal is good.  Cereal and bananas is better.


2 thoughts on “yeah, I had a bowl of cereal for dinner

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